National Fitness Day UK is back for 2012 on Friday 28th September and the FIA (Fitness Industry Association) is encouraging all sports, fitness, health and leisure organisations to take part.

Now in its second year, National Fitness Day UK aims to become the biggest nationally celebrated fitness-focussed day of the year. David Stalker, CEO of the FIA (Fitness Industry Association) said: “We know that more than half of the population do not do enough physical activity to benefit their health. National fitness day provides a real opportunity to give everyone in the UK the chance to take a look at their individual health and fitness routine and be inspired to make activity a bigger part of their lives and therefore have a positive effect on their health and wellbeing.”

On this day, which falls on the last Friday in September, groups, clubs, schools, gyms, NGBs etc are encouraged to take part in ‘empower half hour’ at 12pm midday, which consists of 30 minutes of physical activity. David Beattie, Marketing and Brand manager from the énergie Group who founded the day said: “If you do just 30 minutes of exercise a few days a week, you can start to make a big difference to your life and well-being. National Fitness Day is the ideal excuse to make that start.”

On this day, the énergie Group opens its 100 clubs to the public for free, David adds: “You don’t have to join a gym or fitness club to lead a healthier lifestyle. Walking in the park or simple exercises can cost nothing but on this day we are encouraging people to come and talk to our experts for advice and guidance.”

The ‘empower half hour’ concept was designed to highlight the fact that exercise can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone, whatever your fitness level or age and can be fun and a great thing to do with friends or on your own.

On Friday 28th September, people are also invited to make donations at organised events to support Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity devoted to improving the lives of young people with cancer. Kerry Johns, Mass Participation Events Manager said, “Sport and fitness are at the foreground this summer so this is a brilliant opportunity for people to get inspired by sport and take steps to improve their fitness. We recognise the importance of wellbeing for body and mind at Teenage Cancer Trust which is why we’re really excited about National Fitness Day to get the nation thinking about their health.”

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