"In 38 years in the [leisure] business, Perception PR is undoubtedly the best PR company I have worked with” - from a director at one of Europe’s largest leisure operators who had worked with agencies big and small but had never, until we came on board, been exposed to the true creativity and innovation of public relations.

The stories that make the front page and people discuss at work or at home, the links that tweeters retweet, and the news that give journalists a lead, they are the stories we create. Anyone with a handle on the English language can write a press release and hope for the best; but it takes skill, natural ability and passion to generate thought-provoking and memorable PR. How? Through experience, hard work and by generally having fun doing what we do.

It’s important you find what you’re good at in life, our team have been carefully handpicked to create the perception-enhancing bunch we are.