Chewing Gum Ban in Milton Keynes

‘Would Milton Keynes like to become the first place in the UK to ban chewing gum?’ asks local Group.

The After8 Group, a collection of city professionals and authorities united to promote the safety and prosperity of Milton Keynes’ night-time economy, is calling on the public to air their views on chewing-gum being a major nuisance in and around the City centre and the prospect of Milton Keynes becoming a chewing-gum free zone.

The idea, which has been proven to be effective in Singapore, has received interest from key central destinations including; Xscape, Midsummer Place Shopping Centre; The Hub & the Theatre District; all have highlighted gum issues in terms of its antisocial appearance and the cost of removing it.

Approximately 7.5 billion pieces of gum are consumed each year and 3.5 billion pieces are disposed of irresponsibly (4.2 million tonnes) – and costs the British Government £150 million to clear up each year. Councils claim it costs 3p to produce a piece of gum and 10p to clean it off the streets

The Group conducted several checks on pavements around Central Milton Keynes and in one particular square foot it found 22 pieces of gum. “Chewing gum littering has become an unattractive irritant that many wish to see the back of”, says Phil Winsor Chair of the After8 Group. “We need to take on board the views of city centre users and in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council and partners identify solutions.”

The After8 Group has set up an email for people to contact them and share their views

The response from the public and property owners will be collated and presented to discuss the next steps at the start of May 2013.

Chewing Gum Facts:

  • Britons are the second biggest consumers of gum in the world with 120 to 130 sticks per person each year
  • British chewing and bubble gum sales were £405m in 2005 and are expected to rise 3.2pc this year
  • Chewing gum sales in the UK have increased by 47pc since 1999
  • Britain is the seventh largest gum market in the world with the US and Japan being the top two
  • Wrigley is the biggest chewing gum seller in the UK with 95pc of the market and has dominated the UK market since it first came to the country in 1911
  • The global chewing gum market is worth over £10bn